Tule River Indian Youth Project completes Fourth Year Program Evaluation

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ATLANTA, January 20, 2015 --


Tule River Indian Youth Project (TRIYP) has completed the Fourth annual evaluation of the program which it began in 2010.  The evaluations were conducted by Joyfields Institute, led by Dr. David Myers.  In 2010, Tule River Tribal Nation received a 4-year grant from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Corrections Standards Authority, under the Tribal Youth Grant Program.  This funding program is built upon the beliefs and values associated with Native culture, specifically as defined in the four Gathering of Native Americans (GONA) principles:


  1. Belonging: creating a culture of inclusion
  2. Mastery: starting a path to healing
  3. Interdependence: fostering personal and community development
  4. Generosity: honoring the tradition of giving back to the community

To encourage tribal-specific programs that focus on traditional values and ways of knowing, funded programs are to place high priority on:  capacity-building in tribal communities, “culture is prevention,” holistic approaches to community wellness (including interconnectedness and community empowerment), and the incorporation of traditional practices (e.g., ceremony, spiritual connection, and cultural participation).  In addition, the following key elements are embedded in the funding program, to ensure support of the tribal people and alignment with specific cultural needs:

  1. Nation Building: the community development strategy of exercising individual sovereign rights with respect to self-rule within legitimate governing institutions; also encourages thinking strategically about the activities and actions that will move the nation toward important political, social, and economic goals.
  2. Culture, Cultivation of Leadership, and Transformational Sustainability: these are three separate areas of development that are tied carefully to the GONA principles and are emphasized in conjunction with the overarching purpose of the grant (as stated below).
  3. Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC): refers to the disparity and disproportionality of youth of color coming into contact with the justice system; funded programs should not be implemented that include structural or systematic bias.

The principal purpose of the Tribal Youth Grant Program is to support delinquency prevention and intervention programs by providing direct service to at-risk and system-involved youth.

About Tule River Indian Youth Project (TRIYP)

Tule River Indian Youth Project was designed to provide a culturally-specific, community-based prevention and intervention program utilizing the GONA principles of Belonging, Mastery, Interdependence, and Generosity.  TRIYP also was intended to bring a focus on youth; encourage them to be instrumental in the program’s development and implementation; and enhance their leadership skills.

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