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"EBP DAY! - 2021"

FREE Virtual Event for Evidence-Based Practitioners & Organizations

Friday April 23rd

Join us in the 90-Day EB Challenge

Become Evidence-Based in 90 Days

We Have the Momentum – Now Let’s GO!

Join us on EBP Day and explore opportunities abounding from the Covid-19 Pandemic. Participants will also be able to;

Join with other serious professionals like yourself to help us drive the adoption of evidence-based approaches. Its our commitment. Topics covered on EBP Day;

  • How to adjust to a new world order thanks to COVID-19 Pandemic - current and emerging trends to embrace and thrive in as a practitioner
  • Funding resources to tap into and uniquely respond to the pandemic
  • Family focused engagement strategies
  • Adapting to an Online world for training and other resource for moving forward confidently\
  • Telehealth, Motivational Interviewing, Case Management and client engagement strategies
  • Employee engagement approaches for the "work-anywhere" future
  • Organization and Leadership opportunities for Supporting a post pandemic Workplace, plus so much more
Women using laptop computers indoors

Join us and let's take on the important topics we face today in human, social, and justice services;


Evidence-based approaches for working with clients - remote and/or otherwise


Current and emerging trends, the drivers, and thriving in it


Leadership, organization development, and sustainability


Don't believe the hype, go for relevance, and what matters

Start the process of becoming and staying evidence-based in only 90 days (or less).

Don't let your colleagues and friends miss out either! Invite them to join the free kickoff event (discounts offered if you register together for CE training credits).

Join The Movement

Our vision is for all organizations and practitioners to be effectively using evidence-based approaches to generate desired outcomes that make our society better.

Unfortunately, most are using practices that perpetuate the problem or create reliance on those helping. Let us change that which is why we're hosting this free launch event.

Join other practitioners and organizations and be a part of the solution to heal our country and the people inside of it. 

Together, we will fill the gaps and make our world better using science to back it up.

About EBP Society

EBP Society is the growing community of professionals who share a commitment to the application of evidence-based frameworks to the work we do;

  • By streamlining education and staff development for efficient capacity building
  • Through professional certifications to strengthen career growth, and
  • By providing access to tools and other online resources to ease implementations

Through our online community, organizations and their staff can efficiently access resources that were exclusive to our events. Our members are employed in the health, human, social, and justice services fields.


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