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Evidence-Based Leadership
~ Masterclass & Certification ~

Structured curriculum of training and self-study for credentialing

The Evidence-Based Leadership masterclass and optional Certification program is a structured curriculum of training and self-study followed with a take-home implementation project which candidates report back on. Participants who complete the course are eligible to pursue the optional Certified Evidence-Based Leadership (CEBL) credential.

The program is focused on the organization, its leadership and operations team by training participants on the essential frameworks for laying the organizational foundation for;

  1. achieving enduring client outcomes, and
  2. consistently reaching and exceeding the expectations of stakeholders and funding providers.

After program completion, you’ll be equipped to think and behave based on data. Data-informed decisions foster strong financial health.

Whether you are just starting out, or are further along, the masterclass will help guide you by providing simple, easy to follow research-supported frameworks others have applied to successfully become and remain evidence-based.

Completing the masterclass satisfies a prerequisite should the organization decide to credential as an Evidence-Based Organization (CEBO).


Photo by Mathias Jensen on Unsplash 


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