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April. 29 - May 1, 2020

Case Management, Care Coordination, Family Engagement, Counseling & Supervision

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What Practitioner Pathway Covers

Individual Motivation (MI)
  • Finding & Using Motivation for Engaging “Hard-to-serve” Citizens who are Mandated, or Ambivalent About Participating
  • Find & Use Motivation: How to engage with recipients of services to form the assistive, collaborative relationship
  • Using accurate empathy to create a place of safety for clients in your care to describe their ambivalence
  • Find & Use Motivation: Making sense out of resistance
  • Using accurate empathy to create a place of safety for clients in your care to describe their ambivalence
Family & Community Engagement
  • Opioids Addiction & Epidemic: Emerging Trends & Case Management for Working with Individuals & Families
  • Family Engagement in Community: Family Group Decision Making, Teaming & Restorative Justice Conferencing
  • Teaming Planning and Process: How to Implement Family Engagement Approaches
  • Housing for Homeless Citizens: Evidence-Based Approaches for Supportive & Permanent Solutions
  • Housing for Homeless Citizens with Opioids and other Drugs' Disorders
  • Successful Employer Engagement: Approaches for Homeless Veterans & Other Target Populations
Systems & Supports
  • Housing for Homeless Citizens: Evidence-Based Approaches for Supportive & Permanent Solutions
  • Housing for Homeless Citizens with Opioids and other Drugs' Disorders
  • Successful Employer Engagement: Approaches for Homeless Veterans & Other Target Populations

About EB "PATHWAYS" — Online Digital Summit For Practitioners

  • Attack The Cause, Not The Symptoms

    Client caseloads will increase and become more complex with challenging "hard-to-serve" conditions compounding work being done. Frequently well-meaning practitioners and their agencies apply unproven methods to expeditiously move their clients along.

    Unfortunately, with that kind of support clients will NOT be able to succeed on their own during 99.9% of the time they are away from the practitioner. Consequently, they will return with bigger more entrenched conditions. The practitioner must serve their current client load and the returning ones!

    Short-term solutions compound issues, increase caseloads, run up expenses, and ultimately harms everyone in the process - much like applying a band-aid over a gaping bullet wound!

    But, it doesn't have to be this way. There's a better solution which reminds us to first remove the bullet and then stop the bleeding through the use of approaches that are skillfully implemented.

  • How "PATHWAYS" Improved This Organization

    After one of our community action partnerships attended  EB "PATHWAYS", the executive teams' eyes were opened to the future of her organization.

    The CEO, “dragged” out of retirement to lead the company, saw how like many well-meaning agencies, her staff seemed to get bogged down, and not getting to the source of the problems.

    Attending the evidence-based "PATHWAYS" program helped her redirect her staff's passionate motivations with effective practices. 

    "Our job is NOT to take over people’s lives in the name of "helping" them. It is to partner with clients in an assistive way. Its actually less work per client, and more time to do even more!"

    With this newfound triggered revelation, there's now less staff stress and more sustained client success. Practitioners now have a blueprint for their role and teaching methods.

    Leadership at the organization now spends time instituting approaches taught by the evidence-based conference.

    But the transformational experience of the team is not exclusive to them. You too can share in the benefit. 

  • Transformation @ EB Pathways

    Our job is to NOT take over people’s lives and do the work for them.

    Effective empowerment comes from being "assistive" and collaboratively teaching and guiding. By applying proven approaches, clients embrace responsibility for what happens to them and thrive beyond us.

    This is where the Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" Workshops & Conference empowers practitioners to guide others.

    Participants at the event will be in a position to learn proven skills and how to implement their powerful approaches.

    • Practitioner satisfaction goes up.
    • Caseloads are managed better.
    • Teams' capacity increases allowing you and your team to do, and be more.
    • Your organization is stronger with higher sustainable outcomes and profits.

    These benefits flow directly to your clients.

    • They achieve success often.
    • Time spent with practitioners is highly regarded.
    • They hold themselves accountable for their own success, and
    • No-show rates go down.

    With results like these, your organization increases stakeholder and funding support. You, your team, and your organization are positioned to help many more people. Transforming the life of one person is worth it, imagine when crowds of people are changed for the better!

  • Teaching Faculty

    Learn from the efficient approaches to evidence-based success from the best of the best. Here is our conference instructor lineup.

    • June Fisher, MSW, LSW Principal, Dynamic Training Solutions
    • Joyce Grangent, Principal Housing Consultant, Grangent Consulting
    • Mark Lowis, LMSW, MCSW, MINT, CEBP EBP Implementation Specialist, Author, "Motivational Interviewing: Durable Change Through Intrinsic Motivation"
    • David L. Myers, PhD Professor & PhD Program Director, University of New Haven, Author, "How to Become an Evidence-based Organization"
    • Sobem Nwoko, President, Joyfields Institute & EBP Society
  • Level Up - Certification And Credit

    Professional Certification

    Make your training hours really count by applying them toward certification at the event. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, earning your Evidence-Based Professional certification can be an effective way to differentiate yourself in the market place - as an individual, organization or program.

    Please sign-up for certification during your online registration checkout. If you prefer, check out your options online via the following link and sign-up. If attending the conference, please use the promo code CERT45 to apply your attendee discount. This discount applies to prospective conference attendees only, please.

    View Professional Certification Options >>

    CE Training Hours Credits

    The conference, through Joyfields Institute also provides CE credit for the following professionals.

    Social Workers & Counselors, Case Managers & Care Coordination Staff, Certified Evidence-Based Professionals, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselors, Substance Abuse Counselors, Professional Counselors among others. Please check with your licensing organization.

  • Testimonials - From Past Participants & Faculty

    Started in 2007, this conference has continually helped evidence-based professionals level up. Explore the words of past attendees.

    "Thank you. Truly enjoyed it"

    "The interaction opportunities. I enjoyed listening to other participants - allowed me to brainstorm and revisit how I interact with my clients in a better way"

    "Knowledgeable instructors, workbook usage, and very specific layout of materials"

    G. MCalla, Jackson, Behavioral Helath

    "After working for 26 years in healthcare, this is the first time I attended a program that focuses on ME, not the patient. It was fabulous and will help me in my career and personal life greatly. THANK YOU"

    K. Scorza, Seasons Center

    "It has helped us with successful grant writing, building a donor base for fund development, and in recruiting and hiring qualified staff. It has benefited our organization by “clearly” signaling to those we work with what our values are and what is required if you collaborate with us. We have seen successful outcomes for our clients and their families. It is exciting to hear our staff now talk about success stories with their clients, interest in new training opportunities, and future programs and services related to emerging research and best practices."

    J. Keene, San Mateo Probation

    "I would say that helping to change the “culture” in our county about service delivery has been our most successful accomplishment. I would simply like to express my sincere appreciation to Joyfields Institute. With their help, we have raised the level of service to those we supervise by providing better rehabilitative opportunities, increasing public safety, and accountability to victims. it has allowed our department to set a standard in our county for policy development and program procurement. The expectation of all those we work with is that EBP must be a part of our collaboration. It has also raised our standing with our Board of Supervisors and Law Enforcement partners."


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