Proven Roadmap For Building Sustainable In-House MI Programs

Train Front-Line Teams, Their Supervisors & In-house Trainers

To get the most from Motivational Interviewing skills training, participants need ongoing supports from their supervisors and trainers. When these are absent, resources spent training front-line staff is wasted.

The Joyfields' EPB Society offers a training program designed to support the building of MI capacity in-house. It aims to help agencies not only produce individuals who “know” MI but also who can retain and effectively apply the skills they acquired.

As such, they have a 3-step approach focused on helping agencies build and sustain their capacity to use MI in practice.

  1. Lay the foundation by training the entire team on MI skills, then
  2. Train supervisors and managers to supervise and coach their teams using their learned skills, and finally,
  3. Train in-house training staff to be able to train others in MI.

This approach, coupled with continuous support and training from the EPB Society, positions staff members to succeed in practicing MI and imparting their learned skills to others. This approach also ensures that the agencies can train new staff immediately in the event that they need to ramp up quickly.

This comprehensive MI capacity building program is offered annually during spring and in the fall. We notify the community once dates are finalized. We can keep you posted on when the next program dates are finalized.

To be notifed, please use the green button below to tell us where we can send you the dates information and your starter kit.

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What Attendees Have Said...

  • Annonymous

    ​Although the training was done online via Zoom, it was very interactive and engaging.  The presenter did an amazing job of keeping the pace of the training and having everyone involved, his definition/explanations of the techniques we learned was clear and helpful.  I really enjoyed the breakout rooms/sessions, it was nice to be able to still interact with each other online.  

  • S. Smuda, Washoe TANF

    I was instantly invigorated.  I remembered how much I like this training.  Sad to say I've not really applied it but I will now!  What I liked best was 1.  Remember how much I really like this tool.  And 2.  Extremely pleasantly surprised we got to break out in groups.

  • S. Weatherall, Grand Ronde Headstart

    Even though I get nervous I really liked the interactive element and how it seemed very conversational, not just someone preaching to us and expecting us to just retain a bunch of information and acronyms. I also liked the opportunity to practice with real things that are going on in our own lives

  • Annonymous

    Our facilitator was great and friendly. It created a more casual approach for our participation as well to learn the information. The layout of both days was easy, and it was great to not just have a presentation/and or read off our handouts.

  • J. Roberts, Eckerd

    The fact that the instructor obviously had applied these skills in real world settings made the training more meaningful.

    I liked his use of the breakout rooms and found it definitely kept me more engaged.

  • Annonymous

    I really enjoyed the presenter modeling before sending us into activity. The group sessions and facilitators' pace and information was all 

  • A. Waller, Eckerd

    The workshop was very informative and helpful, I enjoyed the interaction with other professionals as well as the information.  It will definitely help with effectively doing my job as well as everyday interactions.

  • I, Ford, Kodiak Healthcare

    The presenter was very knowledgeable on the subject and was great at encouraging people to engage with the activities. 

  • Annonymous

    I enjoyed that you had a presenter who was very informative, yet made the sessions fun.  He would give us good feedback on how to work with our clients.  He used a lot of examples that were easy to understand and relate to.

  • Annonymous

    The ASK TELL ASK and how the client question can be answered without them feeling offended especially at the time  I think the instructor did a great job! I believe improvement is needed at our end!

About EBP Society

EBP Society is the growing community of professionals who share a commitment to the application of evidence-based frameworks to the work we do;

  • By streamlining education and staff development for efficient capacity building
  • Through professional certifications to strengthen career growth, and
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Through our online community, organizations and their staff can efficiently access resources that were exclusive to our events. Our members are employed in the health, human, social, and justice services fields.


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