Our Spring Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" Event Is Going Online!

Join Us Online...
April 27 - May 1, 2020

"In our current environment, being evidence-based has even greater significance and power. Such organizations have strong leadership and organizational culture. They rely upon both available research evidence and data-driven decision-making. They will be able to adapt to change and continue to demonstrate client and staff success.

Those who are not evidence-based will struggle, and some may not survive." David Myers, Ph.D., Author "How to Become An Evidence-Based Organization"

Join us online this April for...

Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" Online World Conference

Strategy & Tactics For Thriving Both During Change & Stability

Two Pathways to Meet Rapidly Evolving Needs - Today & Tomorrow

From 7/Person — Group Discounts Available

evidence based conference for organizations

Organizational Leadership
April 27 - 29

Evidence-Based Organization (EBO) Pathway

Build framework all can thrive on

evidence based conference for professionals

Client-Facing Teams
April 29 - May 1

Evidence-Based Practitioner (EBP) Pathway

Attack the cause, not the symptoms.

Create Tomorrow

Your life and work is what it is today because of steps you took yesterday. To CREATE the success you want TOMORROW, pay attention to what you do TODAY.

Your Action Plan

We can build greater SUCCESS than we thought possible with clients we serve using PROVEN approaches. At EB "Pathways" learn to cut through to what matters most.

Think Better

 Leave with an ACTIONABLE PLAN for getting it done back home. At EB Pathways we teach you how you can think better - even BIGGER, and actually DO IT.


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