Just Concluded our 14th Annual Fall
Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" Online Conference

Care to join us for the spring conference?

"In a crisis those who are not evidence-based will struggle, and some may not survive." David Myers PhD., Author "Becoming an Evidence-Based Organization". We can help.

About EB Pathways Online Conference

EB Pathways is a Semi-Annual conference featuring nested pathways for both organizational leadership, their practitioners and other client-facing teams.

The program also provides opportunities to become credentialed as Certified Evidence-Based Practitioners (CEBP), Leadership (CEBL) and Organization (CEBO).

Evidence-Based Professional Certifications

Practitioners & Client-Facing Teams

Certified Evidence-Based Practitioner (CEBP)

Operational Leadership Teams

Certification in Evidence-Based Leadership (CEBL)

Organizations & Programs

Certified Evidence-Based Organization (CEBO)


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