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Risk Assessment in the Modern Era: National Guidelines for Post-Conviction Risk and Needs Assessment

Summary of Advancing Fairness and Transparency (Desmarais, D’Amora, & Tavárez, 2022) Logan DiStasio University ...

Comparing the Role of School Resource Officers: From National Research Findings to First-Hand Perspectives in Connecticut

Rebecca McDermott University of New Haven In the late 1990s and early 2000s, several severe incidents of school vio...

The Effect of Marijuana Legalization on Crime Rates

Kylie E. McCarthy University of New Haven The legalization of marijuana for recreational and medicinal use has been...

A Review of Corporal Punishment in the United States

Jessica R. Morgan University of New Haven Corporal punishment can be defined as “paddling, spanking, or other forms...

Problems and Solutions for American Immigration Detention

Victoria Espinoza University of New Haven  The United States has a tumultuous history on immigration, due to the di...

Curbing Corruption in Asia and Africa: The Effectiveness of Political Will and Anti-Corruption Agencies

Jehad Alyahya University of New Haven  Corruption is considered a persistent and endemic problem. It has been perce...

Mafia Manipulation: An Analysis of Organized Crime during COVID-19

John S. Tarr University of New Haven  Organized crime is a global, structured, and highly centralized enterprise th...

Contemporary Research on the Implementation of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training in Corrections

Gregory Wadsworth University of New Haven Nearly half a million people were held in psychiatric hospitals and menta...

The Intersection between Wrongful Convictions and Prisoner Reentry: A Look at the Challenges Faced by Exonerees Post-Incarceration

Jane Miller University of New Haven  The phrase “prisoner reentry” is a buzzword and important topic within crimina...

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