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Evidence-Based Organization (EBO) Certification
~ Development & Sustainability ~

Foundation Upon Which All Sits...

An effective organizational development effort first assesses its current state to establish the degree it is evidence-based, and then based that determine its way forward. At its core is the Performance Report Card. The report forms the basis and driver for ongoing organizational development.

The initial performance assessment focuses on the five areas of the framework for evidence-based organizational (EBO) development:

  1. Knowledge and use of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices
  2. Demonstration of effective organizational leadership
  3. Understanding of organizational culture and use of organizational assessment
  4. Utilization of effective strategic planning, performance measurement, and program evaluation
  5. Ongoing efforts to enhance organizational capacity and sustainability.

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* Pre-Requisite: Leadership at the organization are required to complete the evidence-based organizational leadership masterclass. It is typically offered via 3 channels.

  1. Live public program when scheduled,
  2. Live private program upon request, or
  3. Self-paced, online program coached by faculty

Participating leadership candidates may pursue Certification in Evidence-Based Leadership (CEBL)

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