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June Fisher
Najwa Khalaf
Kim Scorza
Mark Lowis
Sobem Nwoko
Focused On Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" for



23 Sessions, 1 GREAT CITY!


NOVEMBER 28, 2018...

  • Full-Day of 6 "A-Z" Workshop Blitzes
  • Motivation & Individual Track
  • Family & Community Track
  • Workforce & Career Systems & Supports Track
  • Trauma & Practice Track
  • Intensive Case & Supervision Track
  • Practitioner Track with Real & Role Plays
  • Case Studies & Implementation Action Planning, and
  • Some of the evidence-based world's finest!


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EBP Society and Joyfields Institute for Evidence-Based Professionals To Hold San Diego Pathways Conference

Sobem Nwoko


Joyfields Institute


[email protected]

For Immediate Release:

EBP Society and Joyfields Institute To Hold Evidence-Based Pathways Conference

The EBP Society and Joyfields Institute jointly plan a San Diego Conference for human, social and justice services personnel. Joyfields will hold this conference November 28-30 for evidence-based professionals seeking to grow while getting accredited learning hours. The event, which will be held at DoubleTree by Hilton Mission Valley San Diego Hotel, will help attendees learn proven approaches for producing uncommon client success.

Read more: EBP Society and Joyfields Institute for Evidence-Based Professionals To Hold San Diego Pathways...

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What does it mean to be evidence-based and how to become one


This is a FREE Training Web Class. There Are No Costs, But Seats Are Very Limited. PICK YOUR DATE FROM BELOW OPTIONS

What You'll Learn...

  • Get clear on what it means to be evidence-based, and how you can become one,
  • You will learn to meet key requirement funders and stakeholders have that's likely to jeopardize your future funding streams if not addressed now, and
  • The approach YOU too can use to become evidence-based even if YOU don't have funding!

* This program is taught by David Myers, Professor and Ph.D Program Director, University Of New Haven. Dr. Myers also wrote the book, "Becoming An Evidence-Based Organization: Demonstrating Leadership & Organizational Growth", published by Joyfields Institute.

JUNE 13 @ 2 PM - 

JUNE 13 @ 4 PM - 

JUNE 14 @ 2 PM - 

JUNE 14 @ 4 PM - 

JUNE 15 @ 2 PM - 

JUNE 15 @ 4 PM - 

Who Should Attend?

All management, leadership, coordinators of evidence-based initiatives, EB program managers, operations management teams and other personnel responsible for quality and performance management.

Other Details

Once you are registered, you will be sent details for accessing the webinar. In the event you are unable to attend the live event, you will be given access to view the recorded version following the live program


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Evidence-Based Professionals Society Set to Launch Local Networking Group

The Evidence-Based Professionals Society is set to launch what it calls the Evidence-Based Professionals Networking Group (EBPNG). The goal is to create local communities of professionals who are committed to the evidence-based movement,and afford them a vehicle to meet periodically, network and share matters of interest to them and their local areas.

An EBPNG community may be established by any professionals who desire such a community in their local area. Evidence-Based Professionals Networking Groups;

  • are communities of local professionals in major metro areas engaged or interested in evidence-based practices
  • provide forum for these local professionals to network and interact with one another, and
  • provide forums for local professionals to share ideas and solve problems local to them

EBPNG's are now forming across the country. Professionals interested in starting a networking group in their area should send email to [email protected], or call 678-720-2772. 

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Chief Keene to Present at Evidence-based "PATHWAYS" in San Diego

Joyfields Institute


Chief Keene To Present at Evidence-Based "Pathways" for Case Management, Coordination & Supervision


About John Keene


Chief Keene was appointed Chief Probation Officer of San Mateo County Probation Department, California in June of 2013, bringing more than 20 years of law enforcement experience to his role. Prior to his appointment he served as Deputy Chief Probation Officer in Alameda County, California.

Chief Keene earned his Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law Center, and his Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

He is committed to Public Protection, Victim Restoration, and Offender Rehabilitation. He believes that the development, implementation and sustainability of Evidenced Based Programming is the future of Community Corrections.

At "Pathways" in San Diego, Chief Keene will present, and lead a discussion on;

Case Study of an Evidence-Based Organization & its Professionals:
The San Mateo County Probation Department

Uncommon success is achieved when an organization or individual adopts and implements a proven approach or strategy. This presentation is a study of the San Mateo County Probation Department, a certified evidence-based organization, steps it took, and how it is working steadily to move its entire staff toward becoming evidence-based professionals.

Chief Keene will review their experience, processes they are undergoing, lessons learned, the immediate and longer-term benefits, and what they would do differently. 

The San Mateo County Probation Department has the vision to be a proactive and innovative agency which facilitates positive changes in offenders' behaviors that reduce recidivism and foster a law-abiding lifestyle.

Its mission is to enhance community safety, reduce crime, and assist the victims of crime through offender accountability and rehabilitation.

Organizations with the aim to become evidence-based themselves will benefit tremendously from their example as well as others at this year's "PATHWAYS" event in beautiful San Diego. 

Learn More & Register   Call (770) 409-8780

PO's Welcome. Team attendance highly encouraged.

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Meet The San Diego Faculty

Joyfields Institute




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June Fisher
Joyce Grangent
John Keene
Mark Lowis
Sobem Nwoko
Focused On Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" for


3 Days, 6 Engagement Tracks, 21 Sessions...


NOVEMBER 29, 2017

  • Full-Day "A-Z" Workshop!
  • Motivation & Individual Engagement Track
  • Youth, Family & Community Engagement Track
  • Housing & Jobs' Systems & Supports Engagement Track
  • Trauma & Practice Track
  • Intensive Case & In-Community Supervision Track
  • Practitioner Track
  • Case Study & Implementation Planning
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Create Your Very OWN Engagement Breakthrough!

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FREE Short Webcasts for YOU - 4-Step Pathway to YOUR Personal Success!

Breakthrough NOW! Its Simpler Than We Make It...

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In our work we are so caught up trying to learn how we can help clients we serve succeed. Rightfully so.

For our lives, we also want to succeed.

How much time do you spend working on your own success?

Do you even know what success looks like? Do you know what to do?

Even if you know, do you do it? Do you get going on it? Do you fall short? Are you stuck?

Join me for this short webinar and learn how to tackle this "stuckness" once and for all!

If you are successful, chances are you will be happy with yourself and what you are doing.

Consequently, you will likely do an even better job at your work and other areas of your life.

Join me this Friday at 1 PM EST


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Fall 2017 Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" Series registration now open - Register early and save!

Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" for...

Case & Care Management, Coordination, & Supervision

Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2017
San Diego, CA, USA

Secure your spot and save $150 on Fall 2017 Evidence-Based "Pathways" Series

Proven methods have become mainstream! Because you are a member of the evidence-based community, we want you to be FIRST to Lock in your spot for this "Pathways" Series.

If you would like to enhance and strengthen efforts you are already making, are not confident your process is proven for managing, coordinating and supervising cases in your care, join us this November in the great city of San Diego, and learn how, along with other colleagues, practitioners, and experts who are committed to proven methods.

Register by THIS Friday, August 25, at 5 p.m. EST, and get in for 15% LESS! You save as much as $150 just by reserving your slot now.

Use Promo code: PATHWAYS10

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Register Now
Need more convincing to become Evidence-Based? Consider these 5.5 reasons

Reason #1. You're nimble, and quick - very quick!
Reason #2. Your clients successfully work their world, and thrive
Reason #3. The professional in you, and your team shows up, is "renewed", and genuinely good at what you do
Reason #4. You and your agency attract customers, funders and stakeholders
Reason #5. You put on legal "armors" inherent with your commitment to proven approaches
Reason #5.5. Oh, by the way, you make money, lots of it, you save money, you use resources well, and have less stress! How about that!



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How to produce uncommon client success - will you join us near you?

Motivational Interviewing (MI): Core Skills for Durable Behavioral Change

The "must-have" method in your practice toolkit

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Incoming HHS Secretary Price has advocated that spending be focused on "Evidence-Based Treatments" saying, “What we need to do is identify the things that are working and then fund those things that are working." MI is one such "thing" that is working.

Join us at a location near you for this comprehensive 2-Day Core Skills training helping clients successfully resolve change issues. Others are stepping up, will you?

Aug. 24-25, 2017   |   Billings, MT
Aug. 29-30,2017     Fargo, ND
Sept. 7-8, 2017   |   Burlington, VT
Sept. 12-13, 2017   |   Des Moines, IA
Sept. 14-15, 2017   |   Boise, ID
Sept. 21-22, 2017   |   Wilmington, DE
Sept. 28-29, 2017   |   Tulsa, OK
Oct. 5-6, 2017   |   Memphis, TN
Oct. 12-13, 2017   |   Birmingham, AL
Oct. 19-20, 2017   |   Louisville, KY 



Space is limited. Book your team* now. 

* Team attendance highly encouraged. Group discounts with 2 or more attending as a team

Participants each receive own copy of ebook; "Motivational Interviewing: Core Skills for Durable Change", By premier MI teacher and facilitator, Mark Lowis, LMSW, MINT

** To bring this program to your location, please use enter detail on this quote request form >>

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Will You Be Joining Us for Motivational Interviewing Skills Training This Fall?

At What City Will You Be Joining Us?

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MI is proven to be fully compatible with various approaches as a method that helps people resolve ambivalence toward change through discovery of intrapersonal fuel by placing complete responsibility for change on the individual. MI is a must have method in your toolkit.

Joyfields Institute takes this tool-kit must-have on the road to bring the resource conveniently to Join us for this comprehensive 2-Day Core Skills program for applying evidence-based approaches to help clients resolve change issues.

Various dates & Locations. You choice;

Aug. 24-25, 2017 | Billings, MT
Aug. 29-30,2017 | Fargo, ND
Sept. 7-8, 2017 | Burlington, VT
Sept. 12-13, 2017 | Des Moines, IA
Sept. 14-15, 2017 | Boise, ID
Sept. 18-19, 2017 | Wilmington, DE
Sept. 21-22, 2017 | Wilmington, DE
Sept. 28-29, 2017 | Tulsa, OK
Oct. 5-6, 2017 | Memphis, TN
Oct. 12-13, 2017 | Birmingham, AL
Oct. 19-20, 2017 | Louisville, KY

* Bring the team, spread out, compare notes and save even more

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