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Evidence-Based Practitioner
~ Masterclass & Certification ~

A structured curriculum of training and self-study credentialing procedure

The Evidence-Based Practitioner Masterclass and optional Certification (CEBP) program provides an outstanding vehicle for professional development and helps individuals become highly knowledgeable and skilled in the common elements of evidence-based approaches. The Certified Evidence-Based Practitioner (CEBP) credential is an option available to interested participants.

Attack The Cause, Not The Symptoms

Client caseloads continue to increase and be more complex with challenging "hard-to-serve" conditions compounding work being done. Frequently well-meaning practitioners and their agencies apply unproven methods to expeditiously move their clients along.

Unfortunately, with that approach clients will NOT be able to succeed on their own during 99.9% of the time they are away from the practitioner. Consequently, they return with bigger more entrenched conditions. The practitioner must now serve their current client load and the returning one!

The traditional approach represents short-term solutions that mostly compound issues, increase caseloads, run up expenses, and ultimately harms everyone in the process - much like applying a band-aid over a gaping bullet wound!

But, it doesn't have to be this way. There are better solutions which remind us to first remove the bullet and then stop the bleeding by using skillful proven approaches proven to "stop the bleeding" and heal the individual.

An essential part of the certification is our comprehensive online self-paced course designed to help participants acquire the essential skills for operating efficiently and with intention as an evidence-based professional.

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