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Human Services Associate Certification

Preparing You for Successful Careers in Evidence-Based Human Services

+ Optional Mentorship

Become Credentialed & Unlock Your Career Potential...

Are you passionate about making a difference in human services, social work, or justice?

Any of these true for you?

  • We prepare people in our community to enter or re-enter the job market.
  • We help members of our community decide what career to pursue.
  • A career in Human Services would absolutely interest the people we serve
  • Many people we serve are better suited to a career in the growing field of Human Services

If you answered "YES", then our Human Services Associate program is your gateway to a rewarding career. Whether you’re just starting out, are seeking professional growth, or help others with their transition we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Our Program?

  1. Structured Curriculum: Our meticulously designed curriculum blends training and self-study, equipping you with essential skills for success.
  2. Nationwide Network: Join a community of skilled professionals dedicated to improving their effectiveness. You’ll be part of a nationwide network committed to positive change.
  3. Recruitment and Retention: Organizations value CEBA-certified staff. By completing our program, you become an asset in recruitment and staff retention efforts.

Your Journey to Certification
Step 1: Initial Application & Assessment

  • Complete an initial application.
  • Undergo a pre-certification assessment questionnaire.
  • This assessment is a crucial first step, ensuring alignment with program objectives.

Step 2: Continuing Education Training Hours

  • Dive into our online self-paced masterclass.
  • Earn continuing education training hours by completing the masterclass.
  • Conquer all course modules, exercises, and quizzes with the stipulated passing grade.

Step 3: Post Course Exam

  • Prove your mastery.
  • Pass the post-course exam at the end of the masterclass demonstrating you have what it takes.

Step 4: In-Person Debrief Session

  • Earn 2 additional hours.
  • Participate in the in-person Post Course debrief session (onsite or virtual). Dates will be scheduled.

Certification and Recognition
Candidates who meet these requirements earn their Certified Evidence-Based (EB) Human Services Associate Certification (CEBA). As a CEBA, you’ll be recognized within our vibrant community of evidence-based professionals at

Congratulations on taking this transformative step! Your journey toward excellence begins now.

Ready to make an impact? [Apply for today]!

Not Yet Quite Ready To Get Started?

What participants are saying and doing!

  • A. Tuttle
    "I did not know there were so many opportunities in Human Services.  It's rewarding that I will be able to help others and help myself."
  • D. Malone

    *Desteny Malone - I especially liked the self-care module of the workshop.  I realized I would like to go into Art Therapy.

  • M. Bischoff

    "An eye opening program where I learned so much I did not know. So many opportunities and options in Human Services!"

  • T. Lopez

    "I was very scattered without any real direction in the beginning. After going through the course, it helped me to focus on wanting to work with children."

  • M. Klein

    "I am so pleased to inform you that since receiving the certification my client M. Bischoff has gotten a full time position as a Direct Support Specialist. She now works for an addiction treatment center for women and she LOVES it!!!! Thank you!!!"