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For Evidence-Based Leadership and Operations Teams

Strategy & Tactics for Becoming an Evidence-Based Organization (EBO)

Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2019 | Las Vegas, Nevada


Pour "The Foundation" To Build "The House"

Building an evidence-based organization is neither easy or clear. And simply training your staff on effective evidence-based practices won't keep your organization going if grant funds dry up. Dependency on a single stream of income is no way to operate, and it's not sustainable.
While developing an evidence-based organization can be highly meaningful and profitable, a shaky foundation leads to it all crumbling down. This means those people, especially "hard-to-serve" clients, that need your help aren't going to get it. Good intentions are nice, but that doesn't help the person when they need it.
But, your chaotic organization does not have to operate in this short term orientated approach. There's a better way. And the effects are powerful.

EBO "MASTERCLASS" Changed The Game For This Organization

"Historically our agency faced three challenges, time, money, and size. Dedicating staff time to plan, implement, and monitor all the activities that go along with becoming evidence-based was an obvious challenge for any agency. Having the financial means to dedicate to the processes,  goes without saying. Finally, maintaining offices miles apart added additional challenges. During this time, our state reorganized the mental health systems.
Becoming a EBO has benefited us in numerous ways. We've overcome challenges by using our strategic plan. Our mission and vision (from EBP Action Plan) keep us focused on realistic and achievable activities. Most importantly, as agency leadership we are committed to being an evidence-based organization. It has helped us plan and sustain existing programs. It has also empowered us with successful grant writing, building a donor base for fund development, and in recruiting and hiring qualified staff. 
Most importantly though, we have seen successful outcomes for our clients and their families. It is exciting to hear our staff now talk about success stories with their clients, interest in new training opportunities, and future programs and services related to emerging research and best practices.
We will continue to grow in terms of the number of clients served, continue to train staff in new evidence-based programs and services, as well as, expand services into additional locations. We are well-positioned to handle changes related to Medicaid expansion, the ACA, and other unknowns related to behavioral health care. We know that the use of technology and social media will continue to influence how we do business and provide services. As an agency, we want to continue to build our capacity in using data and outcomes to guide and inform decision-making.
This program is an exciting journey and we cannot imagine providing services any other way! We continue to learn and challenge ourselves to be better. Please consider joining us in this effort!"

Transformation @ EBO Masterclass

Evidence-based organizations (EBO's) consistently demonstrate the ability to achieve desired outcomes through effective problem-solving and informed decision-making. 
The Masterclass walks those responsible for operational soundness to set up the foundation, support, and diversification of income for a long lasting entity. It's this strength that will empower evidence-based practitioners to do their job, and have a positive impact on the most number of people possible. 

After program completion, you'll be equipped to think and behave based on data. Data-informed decisions foster strong financial health.

Whether you are just starting out, or are further along, Masterclass will help guide you by providing simple, easy to follow research-supported frameworks others have applied to successfully become and remain evidence-based.
This Masterclass lays the foundation both for achieving enduring client outcomes and for consistently reaching and exceeding the expectations of stakeholders and funding providers.

EBO Masterclass

Evidence-Based Organizations' "Masterclass" Conference For Serious Agencies

Agencies or their programs are encouraged to attend as teams. This will help accelerate the adoption and transition toward becoming an EBO.

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Conference Faculty

Learn the best approaches for evidence-based organizational success from the best of the best.

David L. Myers, PhD

Professor & Director, PhD Program, University of New Haven, Author, "How to Become an Evidence-based Organization"

Sobem Nwoko

President, Joyfields Institute for Evidence-Based Professionals


Personalize 2 & 3-day learning tracks around behavioral health and change, community supervision, individual and "family" engagement, supports and services. Learn, network with peers, and earn up to 20 CE training hours at Pathways. 





    Attendees Arrive

  • 6:00 PM

    Meet-up & Local EBPNG (Evidence-Based Professionals Networking Group), @ Host Hotel. Ends at 9:00 PM.




  • 8:30 AM
    V. Engaging in strategic planning and performance measurement

    a. Ineffective and effective strategic planning
    b. Linking organizational vision and mission to agency activities and outcomes
    c. Using data for problem analysis and needs assessment
    d. Accountability for results through performance measurement
    e. Ensuring program fidelity and continuous quality improvement
    f. From performance measurement to program evaluation

    VI. Enhancing organizational capacity and sustainability

    a. Building internal and external support
    b. Use results early, often, and in multiple ways
    c. Ongoing role of leadership and management
    d. Adapt and reassess over time
    e. Marketing your success
    f. Strategic funding and grant writing
  • 6:30 PM

    Optional Outing, Dinner, Shopping & Sightseeing.




  • 8:30 AM
    I. Making the case for evidence-based reform and the framework for becoming an evidence-based organization (EBO)
    a. Increasing accountability
    b. Declining resources, increasing cost
    c. Steady or rising number of health, human and justice services recipients
    d. Increasing offender populations; ongoing recidivism
    e. Expanding technology
    f. Expanding evidence-based knowledge
    II. Knowledge and use of evidence-based “nuts and bolts”
    a. Evidence-based policies, programs, and practices
    b. Evidence-based principles
    c. Evidence-based management
    d. Evidence-based organizations
    III. Demonstrating effective leadership
    a. Qualities of effective leaders
    b. Leadership versus management
    c. Empowering staff
    d. Leadership philosophy
    IV. Understanding organizational culture and assessment
    a. Organizational culture in practice
    b. Characteristics of effective organizations
    c. Staff of effective organizations
    d. Organizational assessment: Why, how, and by whom?
  • 6:30 PM

    Optional Outing, Dinner, Shopping & Sightseeing




  • 8:30 AM

    VII Advance Skills for Strategic Planning & Implementation

    Having learned the framework for becoming evidence-based as an organization, (EBO), we will plan for implementation. You will be guided through the development of your agency-specific strategy and action plans for becoming an EBO, tools you will need, and resources for assessing where you are and what to do next.

    Participants and their teams will collaborate as teams and be guided to produce strategic and action plans that will focus on the five major components of EBO development. They will use workshop time to develop their agency-specific strategic and action plans. Participants will also be in a position to address the common problems associated with moving from a training environment to the implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based organizational change efforts. 

    Participants will be given the opportunity to develop;

    A plan for infusing financial, budgetary and economic considerations relevant for sustaining programs

    An EBO vision and mission

    Organizational goals and objectives, centered on the 5 key aspects of EBO development

    Strategic and action plans for EBO development

    Action steps to be taken to carry out the strategic plan. These action steps will specify responsible individuals, time-frames, and resources needed

  • 2:30 - 3:30 PM

    Facilitated session for the candidates of the Certificate in Evidence-Based Management (CEBM)

  • 3:30 PM

    EBO Masterclass Concludes

    * It is desirable that 4 to 5 workshop participants attend from each agency, with at least one laptop computer available for group use. 

Level Up


Pathways invite all attendees to make their training hours really count by getting certified on-site at the event. Please let us know if you're interested in the registration checkout.

CE Credits

The conference, through Joyfields Institute also provides CE credit for the following professionals.

Social Workers & Counselors, Certified Evidence-Based Professionals, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselors, Substance Abuse Counselors, Professional Counselors, California State Standards & Training for Corrections.

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Location & Accommodations

Las Vegas, NV

Luxor Hotel
3900 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Tel: 702-262-4000

What's Included?

We have an exceptional negotiated nightly room rates to stay in premium rooms of "Luxor Towers" for $64 (Tue, Wed & Thur nights), and $114 (Fri. & Sat. nights), PLUS a $35 dollar resort fee and applicable local taxes currently at 13.38%. (Your total room charge should be $107.56 - 164.25 per night depending on what night stay).

Participants have reduced parking, free wifi internet access, breakfast, lunch and refreshment breaks during the program. Participants are responsible for their dinners and all other expenses.

How To Make Arrangements

Please make reservations online, or by phone. Call 770-409-8780 to make your reservations now.

Need assistance, please call our office at 770-409-8780. Or send email to [email protected].

Thank you.


From Past Participants & Faculty

Started in 2007, this conference has continually helped evidence-based professionals level up. Explore the words of past attendees.

"Thank you. Truly enjoyed it"

"The interaction opportunities. I enjoyed listening to other participants - allowed me to brainstorm and revisit how I interact with my clients in a better way"

"Knowledgeable instructors, workbook usage, and very specific layout of materials"

G. MCalla, Jackson Behavioral Helath

"After working for 26 years in healthcare, this is the first time I attended a program that focuses on ME, not the patient. It was fabulous and will help me in my career and personal life greatly. THANK YOU"

K. Scorza, Seasons Center

"It has helped us with successful grant writing, building a donor base for fund development, and in recruiting and hiring qualified staff. It has benefited our organization by “clearly” signaling to those we work with what our values are and what is required if you collaborate with us. We have seen successful outcomes for our clients and their families. It is exciting to hear our staff now talk about success stories with their clients, interest in new training opportunities, and future programs and services related to emerging research and best practices."

J. Keene, San Mateo Probation

"I would say that helping to change the “culture” in our county about service delivery has been our most successful accomplishment. I would simply like to express my sincere appreciation to Joyfields Institute. With their help, we have raised the level of service to those we supervise by providing better rehabilitative opportunities, increasing public safety, and accountability to victims. it has allowed our department to set a standard in our county for policy development and program procurement. The expectation of all those we work with is that EBP must be a part of our collaboration. It has also raised our standing with our Board of Supervisors and Law Enforcement partners."

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EBO Masterclass

Strategy & Tactics for Becoming an Evidence-Based Organization (EBO)

Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2019 | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



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