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18th Annual Evidence-Based (EB) "Pathways" Conference & Certification Masterclasses

May 1 - 3, 2024

Attend 1, 2 or All 3-Days

Learn to adapt what you are already doing - NOT start from scratch!


What is case management? It is individual client engagement. It is resources coordination. It is family engagement in community. These are functions that have come to be recognized as vital in the care and support of clients being served.

What Drives Us
We listen well and heard you! You want efficient program delivery methods conducive for adult learning, to-the-point, and fast-paced - especially in virtual settings. You also said, "...give me some flexibility on how I consume the content, not lock me into one format for days and power-point me to death"! You do not want short cuts, but solid proven "hacks" you can rely upon. You want programs you can use that will help you hit the ground running - NOT START FROM SCRATCH!

Imagine that! Use what you learned! Well, it's what we have planned for you!

This program consists of 3 Full-Day Masterclasses (intentionally spread over 3 weeks) that is focused on building capacity in evidence-based Case Management and Family Engagement in Community.

The program teaches participants on systems for building and strengthening their in-house capacity for effective;

(1) Engagement with their individual clients, and the collaborative coordination of resources they need,

(2) Leveraging of their clients'/customers' family relationships in community, and

(3) Institution of a proven organizational framework for long term sustainability.

Many people we talk to have tried different ways to provide sustainable evidence-based care coordination to their clients and customers, but they failed. Often, it is because they typically started from scratch and/or did not have proper frameworks in place to support their initiative. So when funding goes away or they lose key staff, the initiative unfortunately loses steam and falls apart.

3 Days, over a 3 Week period for scheduling ease and the opportunity to implement what was covered ahead of the next session. 

These are Expert Facilitator-Led Programs for Front-Line, Family Engagement & Leadership Teams!

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