The Evidence-Based Professionals' Monthly - March 2017

Welcome to your monthly for evidence based professionals. This issue features your collection of relevant articles, webcasts, grant resources, performance tools and our upcoming events.

Quick update - Today I came across a brief note I wrote a while back. I share it today to encourage you. I have this image in my mind of a large corn field. Am looking right at it, and asking myself, "What could be going on" inside those stalks as they float and sway collectively in the gentle, and sometimes unkind outdoor wind? What about their cells and the elements within that "organized" themselves from seedling days, to fully grown maize plants, and ultimately produce bountiful ears of corn for its harvests? Read the rest of my note, or view your other articles below >>

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Attend a Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" incorporate training and evaluation, community, and technology to help teams efficiently become, and remain evidence-based.

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