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Today I ran across a brief note I wrote a while ago. I share it here to encourage.

I have this image in my mind of a large corn field. Am looking right at it, and asking myself, "What could be going on" inside those stalks as they float and sway collectively in the gentle, and sometimes unkind outdoor wind? What about their cells and the elements within that "organized" themselves from seedling days, to fully grown maize plants, and ultimately produce bountiful ears of corn for its harvests?

No doubt the farmer presumably did their best to till the soil, weed, fertilize and water the young plant. Following that, then what’s inside and outside the seedling takes over – the cells, the soil, sunshine, wind, rain and, who knows what else. In the end, we have a harvest like no other as the outcome. Success for the farmer and the farm. And the corn too! All they did was create conditions most suited for the seedling to work successfully with what's within, and without, and thrive. Pure genius!

Well, it made me think of you, and amazing work you do everyday, and how it’s so like "farming". We apply our best selves, and leverage resources at our disposal to create conditions for our customers to utilize what is inside, and outside of them to thrive. Playing your “A” game at all interactions with clients, making every little time we have with them matter. Like the farmer, we can be confident that what's inside, and outside our "corn" will work together to complete the work, and produce the bountiful harvest we are going for.

So today, let me encourage you in your work, and also wish you much continued success.

With much humility,

Sobem Nwoko



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