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1) data, its use for responding to pressing issues

2) outside the box think

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  • Robotics, AI Will Kill Millions of Jobs But They’ll Create Even More:
    Some statistics, when taken at face value, are enough to scare the bejeezus out of you. And none more so than a new World Economic Forum report that says that advancements in robotics and AI will make 75 million jobs obsolete by the year 2022.

  • Manufacturer Sees Shipping Containers as the Future of Affordable Housing:
    An Idaho manufacturer that began converting decommissioned shipping containers into sustainable homes just a year ago plans to double its size and quadruple its output in coming years. Scott Flynn, who founded IndieDwell with Pete Gombert, told The Idaho Press that as he looked for a way to produce sustainable, durable, and affordable housing options.

  • Getting A Grip On The Nation's Phones:
    Back in 2010, David Barnett, founder of PopSockets LLC, was just trying to figure out a way to stop his earbud cord from getting tangled when he laid the foundations of PopSockets.  He glued two buttons onto the back of his phone and then wrapped the earbud cord around the buttons.

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