Money to spend? How about spending it here?

As the year wraps, do you have money left over to spend? Don't loose, or burn it! Use it well - with us.

Joyfields Institute has options you can consider to spend it on - some instant, others take just a little time. Check out these options we pulled together below for you...

  • Organization Report Card: If staff (parts of the whole) undergo periodic employee reviews, why not the organization (the whole)? To what degree are you aligned with your intended outcomes? Are you evidence-based, and strengths-centered, and to what degree? What needs to happen to shore up the gaps? We can help answer with an objective 3rd party report card.
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  • Onsite Training: Is your organization structured in a way to maximize the impact of your practitioners? Are your practitioners equipped with the most sound direction on how to resolve complex human challenges? We can help...
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  • Get Membership: Join the EBP Society, the community for evidence-based professionals and enjoy access to the most timely resources for today's EB professional - eLearning at your fingertips, monthly newsletter, and in-depth articles to keep you at the top of your game.
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  • Webcasts: Find on-demand courses you want and watch it immediately. Courses are taught by leading experts and practitioners.
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  • Webcast Season Bundle: Take a deep dive into evidence-based learning with our webcast series package. Almost 20 hours of training provide 18 CU credits upon completion. Save $105 when you purchase Season 1, an evidence-based webcast training bundle
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  • EB Training Modules Review: Do you have a program you would like reviewed to ensure it is evidence-based, or perhaps determined the degree to which it is evidence-based, and steps you should consider to close the gap? Our review service enables agencies to have their training modules reviewed by an independent 3rd party and determine the degree to which it adheres to evidence-based frameworks. We can help with that.
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  • Online Live Webinars: Join us for our regularly scheduled monthly EB webinars taught by "best of the best" instructors.
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  • Books: How about some good reads. Need we say more! We have 2 key books you can pick-up instantly. One is for organizational development, and the other - you guessed it, for practitioner use. We have them both.
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