Stay Engaged & THRIVE Even With Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I want to encourage you and maybe help get the bounce back in your step - because in my humble opinion, all this media hype and its focus on the negative around the coronavirus is stealing people's joy. It has made many very fearful, and in quite a few cases very irrationally fearful. The facts as we know simply do not support the level of fear in our society today. Some authorities are beginning to I think make bad decisions also.

As an evidence-based community we have looked at the data and information from authoritative sources such as the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The facts simply do not support the fear being generated by the media. There's undue focus in the media on how many cases have been found and how many have died. There's no talk about how many have recovered! It makes me wonder. Some 2 weeks ago I read somewhere that over 43,000 have indeed recovered from the infection. We also know that people who contract the disease do recover and have recovered from it.

There's no worse fear than fear itself. Let's spend less time watching media and tv stations that seem focused on scaring rather than informing and empowering us. Let's not loose our focus on what we are after and our goals. Let's focus on the facts, and the good around us. Let's stay engaged to our goals, our work and the big bright future ahead. Keep a positive view on things we are doing now. Let's continue to THRIVE.

Of course there are pockets of our population that should be genuinely concerned (the elderly, and those with serious underlying health challenges). So we should prepare as one would ahead of any other impending danger. It is recommended in this case that all should take basic preventive sanitary measures more seriously, etc. See more detailed information here on the facts, risk assessments and how to stay safe and healthy;

Whatever you do, get rid of the fear. It's not useful at all. It serves no purpose. It steals your dreams and power from you. You have no use for it


Based on guidance from the various sources we will proceed with our conference and our other scheduled programs - as long as it is within our control to do so.

Opinion of Sobem Nwoko, President, Joyfields Institute.

If you like you can share your views with me about anything. Email me at [email protected]

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