Our Evidence-Based Certifications

Our certification programs are standardized procedures established for becoming evidence-based as organizations (CEBO), operations and leadership teams (CEBL), and as practitioners (CEBP). The programs recognize abilities and accomplishments agencies and their staff demonstrate in the application of evidence-based approaches in work they do. 

Well-meaning organizations adopt model programs and practices in their work. While that is important, they often do not account for other similarly essential evidence-based frameworks. In the end, their efforts falter and fade away when funding is exhausted, or the "in-house expert" employee moves on! 

It is crucial that you build staff capacity, as well as organizational frameworks that are evidence-based. Such endeavors thrive, have an engaged staff, and continue to serve clients successfully for very many years into the future.

CEBP Certifications

For Practitioners

CEBL Certifications

For Leadership

CEBO Certifications

For Organizations


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