Evidence-Based Professionals Networking Groups

In our year end "vision" survey you told us you wanted;

  • more localized training and programming,
  • a platform for addressing what's important to you, your colleagues and your agency, and
  • opportunities to connect and engage with other evidence-based professional you where you work.

Welcome are introducing the Evidence-Based Professionals Networking Groups (EBPNG).

What Is EBPNG?

ebp-networking-groupThe EBPNG community is designed for human, social and justice services professionals everywhere. You are are invited to be a part of something great. The networking groups provide opportunities for evidence-based practice education and programming events to the evidence-based professionals community. They also help to connect local professionals, encourage and support communication in pursuit of evidence-based approaches at the local level.

  • Connect with evidence-based professionals where you are, to...
  • Collaborate and learn current as well as emerging trends that are of local and national relevance to you, while...
  • Contributing what you know to the knowledge-base. In that way you, other stakeholders and customers will benefit.

Networking Groups are forming now. Any interested evidence-based professional may start a group if one does not already exist. If you would like to begin a group in your local area, please send email to [email protected] to request an information package.

Thank you.